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brief history of Nirvana

Just A Brief History!!!


05-16-65 Krist Anthony Novoselic born to Krist and Maria Novoselic

01-31-67 Chad Channing born to Wayne and Burnyce Channing

02-20-67 Kurt Donald Cobain born to Wendy and Donald Cobain

01-14-69 David Eric Grohl born to James and Virginia Grohl

??-??-75 Kurt's parents divorce, Kurt lives with mother

02-??-78 Kurt's father remarries

??-??-79 Krist's family moves to Aberdeen

06-??-80 Krist sent to Croatia for a year to live with relatives

02-20-81 Kurt gets his first guitar

??-??-83 Krist graduates from high school

05-??-84 Kurt's mother remarries to Pat O'Connor

05-??-85 Kurt drops out of high school

01-23-88 Nirvana records demo with Dale Crover

10-30-88 Kurt smashes his first guitar

11-??-88 Love Buzz/Big Cheese single released

02-??-89 After recording Bleach, they do a short west coast tour

06-??-89 Bleach released

06-22-89 The tour for Bleach begins in San Francisco

09-??-89 Make up tour dates due to the loss of Jason

??-??-89 Blew EP recorded

10-20-89 Nirvana plays first European show, Newcastle, England

12-30-89 Krist and Shelli get married in Tacoma

02-??-90 Nirvana begins another short US tour

03-??-90 After losing Chad, they play a 7 show West Coast tour

04-10-90 Highly bootlegged Blind Pig concert

07-11-90 Sliver single recorded

09-??-90 Sliver single released

09-22-90 The Motor Sports show, Dan Peters only show with Nirvana

01-01-91 Studio session: recorded Anuerysm and Even In His Youth

04-17-91 Nirvana first plays Smells Like Teen Spirit

04-30-91 Nirvana formally signs with Geffen Records

05-??-91 Started recording Nevermind

08-??-91 The massive European Tour begins

08-??-91 The video for Smells Like Teen Spirit is made

09-13-91 The release party for Nevermind

09-20-91 Tour for Nevermind begins in Toronto

09-24-91 Nevermind is released, debuted at #144 on Billboard

10-25-91 Kurt and Krist tape interview for Headbangers Ball

11-02-91 European tour for Nevermind begins in Bristol England

11-19-91 Highly bootlegged Rome concert

12-??-91 Short US tour with Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers

01-10-92 Nirvana plays in the MTV studios

01-11-92 Nirvana plays Saturday Night Live, Nevermind hits #1

01-??-92 Hormoaning released in Australia and Japan

01-24-92 Nirvana begins a world tour

02-??-92 Come As You Are video is made

02-24-92 Kurt Cobain marries Courtney Love in Waikiki, Hawaii

06-22-92 Kurt collapses in Belfast due to stomach problems

07-21-92 Lithium single released with Nevermind lyric sheet

08-18-92 Francis Bean Cobain is born

08-30-92 Nirvana plays Reading Festival

09-??-92 Nirvana plays Lithium at MTV music awards, wins 2 awards

11-??-92 In Bloom Video hits MTV

12-15-92 Incesticide released

03-??-93 In Utero recorded in 2 weeks

04-09-93 Nirvana plays a benefit for Bosnian Rape victims

05-??-93 Sliver video hits MTV

09-??-93 Nirvana wins Best Alternative Video award at MTV Video awards

09-14-93 In Utero released in UK

09-19-93 Heart Shaped Box video premieres

09-21-93 After a week delay, In Utero released in US

09-25-93 Nirvana plays Saturday Night Live for a second time

10-10-93 Nirvana begins tour supporting In Utero

11-13-93 Nirvana records Unplugged session for MTV

12-12-93 All Apologies video hits MTV

12-16-93 Nirvana Unplugged airs on MTV

12-31-93 MTV's New Years Eve special airs, Nirvana headlines

02-??-94 Nirvana begins European Tour

02-29-94 The Final Nirvana show is played in Munich

03-04-94 Kurt Cobain is hospitalized after a suicide attempt

03-05-94 Kurt awakens from coma, asks for milkshake

03-08-94 Kurt leaves hospital under his own power

04-07-94 is created

04-08-94 The body of Kurt Cobain is found. Kurt committed suicide 3 days previous.

04-10-94 Memorial Service held in Seattle, Courtney reads from suicide note.

11-01-94 Nirvana: Unplugged in New York is released in the US

Rock ON!!!!